Why Use ShipToAll?

Same Day Shipping

**If you package weight 10lb or less and if you pay by 1PM EST you get same day shipping.

Free Assisted Purchase

If you find any issue with a payment? Don’t worry! We will buy it for you.

Personal Shipping Assistant

To help your queries in 24 hours.

Free Storage For 200 Days

We will store your item for 200 days.

No Brokerage Fee

We use US Government Postal Service and they don’t have any brokerage or acceptance fee.

Free Package Consolidation

Buy different products from different companies and we will consolidate your packages into one box and save upto 85% on shipping.

Free Photos of The Received Box

We take the pictures of the actual box when we receive your item at our warehouse.

Free Repackaging

If you wish to remove any unnecessary junks from your box to reduce.

Free Photos of The Content

We take the pictures of the actual contents inside in the box.

Free Return Service

If we receive damaged products then we will offer free return service to your seller. Most seller provide return shipping label.

Drop Shipping

We offer free drop shipping service to fulfill your online orders.