Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Services

Yes, it's completely free to sign up with our website and there is no subscription fee.
You don't have to join any membership plan; we just try to keep it simple for all our customers.
We just keep it simple so we don't charge any type of subscription fee or joining for all our customers.
You will receive a USA address with your unique suite number once you register free with our website.
Click on forget password in login screen then you will be asked for your email id. You will receive a new link to change your password in your email inbox.


There are two types of addresses you have to enter on US websites.

  • Billing Address : Your billing address must be your credit card registered address in your home country.
  • Shipping Address: Shipping address must be your SHIPTOALL US address which is shown below as:

    Name: Your Name
    Address (line 1): 5549 Virginia Beach blvd
    Address (line 2):
    City: Newport News
    State: Virginia
    Zip Code/Postal Code: 23608

You will find your SHIPTOALL address after you sign in, on left hand side of your dashboard.

We recommended using United States government postal service (USPS) as your shipping provider because they don't charge for accepting (brokerage fee) your package in your country.

We also offer UPS, Fedex, and DHL as over shipping provider but they may charge brokerage fee for accepting your package.

To get estimation, please use our Shipping calculator.

Click on shipping calculator link on home page and then select your country name, the weight of package or dimension of the package and select the product category. You will get estimated cost to ship your item.

Dimensional weight reflects package density, which is the amount of the space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight.
Dimensional Weight (Billable Weight) = Length x Width x Height / 139
Billable weight is the weight used to calculate your rate. For international services, the billable weight will either be the dimensional weight or the actual weight of your package (whichever number is greater).

We are offer extra services to help our customer, please see below list of services we offer without any cost

  • Same Day Shipping
  • Personal Shipping Assistant
  • Free Photos of The Received Box
  • Free Photos of The Content
  • Free Assisted Purchase
  • Free Storage For 200 Days
  • Free Package Consolidation
  • Free Repackaging
  • Free Return service
Unlike other competitors, we would like to give you First Class service so we allocate a personal shipping assistant who will assist you to complete all the process and also they will answer your query promptly. It's a free feature we provide to all our customers.
First of all, you have to mention all the packages details including tracking on your login dashboard, so we will notify you once we received your individual package. After receiving all the packages you will be asked to ship all the packages under your dashboard. You don't have to pay anything to use this service with our company.

Yes, you can add it without any cost. Just add other person name on your login dashboard. We may ask for ID for that person.

  • USPS shipping restrictions
  • UPS shipping restrictions
  • FedEx shipping restrictions
  • DHL shipping restrictions
Yes, you can add it without any cost. Just add other person name on your login dashboard. We may ask for ID for that person.
When you sign up, we allocate unique Suite number to you so you have to use your US address with that unique suite number with all the US retailers. When we receive the item from online retailer we identify your suite number and add to your dashboard account.

It's not mandatory to notify us for any incoming packages but it will help us to identify when we receive it.

We will also notify you by email when we receive any packages for you.

It will be mandatory if your item arrive to our warehouse by USPS either you don't have to submit USPS 1583 Form if item arrives from another carrier.

Please click on below link and fill it out, Notarized and send it back to us on [email protected]

Yes, we do offer shipping services with the United States.
Yes, we do offer shipping services for forwarding letters and documents as well. Please call us on 757 988 8787 or email us on [email protected] to get more information.


We store your items free of charge for 200 days. Then we will offer you cheaper options to extend length of the storage.
Yes, our warehouse has 24 hours CCTV operation and we do have insurance policy which covers all accidental problems.
We charge very reasonable amount which is $0.50 cents a day
Unfortunately, our units don't provide any refrigeration or temperature controlled facility.
Yes. We open every package when it arrives at our warehouse. Our trained staff carefully reviews your package to ensure they were not broken during shipping and are legal for export from the USA.


We offer free of charge Assisted Purchase facility so your personal shipping assistant will help you out with your purchase.

Please email us on [email protected] with the link for the item; please include the price including sales tax.

We will reply to your email within 24 hours.

You have to make a payment for your purchase via Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union or Bitcoin. Please note you have to pay extra for Bank wire transfer.

We accept all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and most other major Credit cards.

We also accept Western Union, Bank Wire Transfer and Bitcoins payment for assisted purchases.

Below are some reasons your card may not be accepted:

  • Some US retailer doesn't accept international payment card so you can use our assisted purchase service to make a payment to those retailers.
  • Your bank may assume fraud and stop payment.
  • You might not have enough balance to cover the shopping.
Yes. Shiptoall is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards of USA.
Yes, we will convert your shipping cost to your local currency, currency rates are calculated by financial institutions.
Please send us an email on [email protected], so we will able to send you all the information. Please be advised that you will have to pay extra $20 wire transfer fee.


Our shipping rates includes only shipping cost to your country. You are responsible to pay any import duties or taxes because those will be collected by only your local custom authority.

When we receive your item, we count the no of items and fill out the description so all you need to do is declare the value of the item.

**Please note, correctly filled customs declaration is your duty and responsibility. If you are not sure to fill out the details then we can fill it out according to your retailer invoice.

Generally, most of the private shipping providers like FedEx, TNT, UPS, DHL and etc. are charging Brokerage fee to clear your package from your local custom authority. We recommend using USPS government postal service so you don't have to pay any brokerage fee.


Package insurance can be purchased at checkout for 2% of insured value. All shipments are insured for the declared value of the item(s) unless you opt out of insurance.

Lost items: If your package didn't deliver please contact us immediately and provide us all the merchant invoice or receipts.

Damaged items: If your package arrived damaged please contact us immediately and provide us with the following information:

  • Photos of the damaged package from each corner
  • Local carrier damaged report
  • Photos of inside and outside of box (try to get detailed photos of all the items as well)
  • Merchant invoice or receipt with the purchase price.

There are some deadlines to file insurance so please contact us immediately when you find any issue.


The name and address on the credit card or Paypal account must match with Shiptoall account. If name and address doesn't match with Shiptoall account, we won't be able to process your shipments.

We will close accounts immediately if we are notified by merchants that a stolen credit card was used. If we receive a chargeback due to unauthorized use, your account will be closed immediately.